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Michael Fiore’s New Dating Advice Product:

How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love Review

Noah Foster – Author, Husband, Relationship Counselor

Hi this is Noah from and today I have some exciting news for you. Relationship advice expert Michael Fiore has developed a brand new program about kissing called How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love. Now you might ask, what? Kissing? Is it that important for a successful relationship to make a whole course out of it? And the answer is a big fat yes!

Michael will cover it in the program and I will tell you more about it later, but there is something like kissing chemistry and it has a huge impact on our subconscious decision making in regards to choosing our partner.

But as I said, more on it later. First I want to talk about the problem to understand why kissing is actually such a big deal. The issue so many women are facing is that at some point their man is suddenly pulling away without obvious reason. They just don’t understand why men are doing it.

Everything seemed so great. You might have had a wonderful date. You had fun together that night, and it even happened, you kissed each other before saying goodbye. And then out of nowhere, he suddenly pulls away. He turns cold and you never hear from him again.

What happened? Why does he pull away? Michael Fiore’s program How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love gives an answer to the question. That’s why we are doing this review here today.

Now I’m coming back to the kissing chemistry. There is a scientific basis to kissing. Michael will go into great detail about this in How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love.

But here’s the quick and dirty version of it. If two people are genetic matches they will have great kissing chemistry too. This goes as far as they will like the taste of each others saliva and so on. If you have chemistry from a genetic standpoint, his body will tell him yes she’s the one. With her you will have great babies, choose her!

Sounds pretty logical and simple, right? However there is also a big fat BUT. Kissing chemistry is only one trigger that gets send to our subconscious mind. There is more to a kiss. The technique and what we are communicating with the way we kiss plays a huge role too.

One way you can look at it is that it’s like a mating dance. And if you have a guy in front of you who you’re really into, it’s absolutely crucial to understand how to send the right messages to him through your kiss.

There’s a lot going on while kissing which will be covered in great depth in the program. This background knowledge is invaluable. I think just identifying and explaining the kissing chemistry and having this distinction would be worth purchasing the product. We could stop our How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love Review here and just tell you, go buy the product because of that.

But wait there’s more. This is only one part. A very important and necessary part, since without chemistry nothing will work.

Given you have chemistry in the first place, the rest of the program will help you maximize your chances of success in creating the realtionship of your dreams by laying the power to blow the socks off your man’s feet with a single kiss in your own hands.

What’s included in How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love?

In the beginning of the program Michael will lay the groundwork of an epic kiss when he goes into detail about the kissing mindset. After listening to this part you will have a great understanding about the underlying conversation that is going on between you and your man during a kiss. Michael will also show you how you listen with your mouth in order to understand what your man is telling you through the way he kisses you.

Then Michael will explain exactly how you yourself become a phenomenal kisser by shining light on the 8 steps that are necessary to create man melting kisses.

The next part was one of my favorite ones. It’s about kissing on the first date. Do’s and better do not’s. You will be equipped with the 5 most important rules for a truly epic first kiss with a man and how to have magnetic lips he simply can’t resist. What I really liked about this part was how it puts you in the drivers seat without your man even noticing it. At the end you will have the most awesome kiss and the guy might think it all was his idea.

The How To Kiss A Man To Fall In Love program concludes with a Kissing FAQ section which I really liked. Michael answers questions from people who went through the program and needed some more clarification on some aspects of applying it. Great advice given here and again, very valuable information.

We could conclude our How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love review here once again and tell you, you will make a great decision buying the program. But there’s even more.

If you purchase today you will get three bonuses

If you purchase as I write this review you will also receive access to 3 additional bonuses. The first one is called When To Sleep With A Man. It is an audio program by Felicity Keith. An e-book and script to read along is included here as well. Felicity addresses the age old question of when to sleep with a man in this program. I liked what she had to say and I think it makes a lot of sense. She will help you understand how to go about answering the question by factoring in what specifically is right for you personally but she will also give you some rough guidelines that have proven themselves to make a better decision. In my eyes this is the most valuable of the three bonuses.

The next bonus is Magnetic Lips by Cassidy Brown. I as a man wasn’t that into this bonus because it is a lot about beauty tips and tools how to soften the lips. But I can see how a lot of women will love this part. What might be of special interest in this section covered by Cassidy Brown, are the lip no no’s which will deal with what to avoid in order to make sure to have soft and magnetic lips.

The third bonus is Relationship Time Machine. This bonus is about original techniques and ideas to respark the romance and relight the passion in your relationship again. This bonus is packed with witty and sometimes funny ideas of how you can create a passion and excitement in your relationship as if you just have met each other for the first time.

Again great product! I wouldn’t have reviewed it here if I wouldn’t think that you will like it and that it will help you get the relationship you want and deserve. Click the link below and go over to the How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love product page. You will be glad you did.