Make Him Miss You

How to make a guy miss you

If you really like a guy and you can’t see him you will probably start to miss him. If you want to make sure he feels the same way and you will soon see him again there are a few tricks you can try to stay in his mind and his heart.

1. Wear a unique scent

The scent of a high quality shampoo or perfume will also stick on the guy even if you are not around anymore. When you hug him or when you cuddle in bed with him a shampoo can be a very effective method to leave an unmistakable scent for him. The scent of your shampoo will stick on his pillow after you’ve left and remember him of you in his bed. To make sure that he remembers your scent try a shampoo, a shower gel, a body lotion and a perfume that have the same overriding scent in common. Use the same shampoo and perfume regularly to be distinctive for him and to make him remember you.

2. Forget a little thing intentionally

A small thing like one of your earrings or a hairclip will make the guy think of you every time he sees it. It can be subtle and symbolic to leave an earring. Earrings are pairs. If you leave one it hints to the reunion of the couple. The same will go for you and the guy you want to make miss you. Avoid it to leave something important. Your keys, your wallet or your driver licence are important everyday objects. You would have to return immediately to get them back. That way you wouldn’t give him time to be able to miss you.
3. Understand the significance of a memorable comment
If you make a comment about something unique, or tell the guy a new interesting fact about something relative unusual or just something witty about a situation, he will remember your words every time he comes across this situation or object.
If you know something about a certain building, landscape, animal or drink share your knowledge with him. When he sees the animal or orders that drink he will remember what you have said to him. Even if you do not have any special information you can share with him, you can always make a witty or a somewhat memorable comment about it. If you really point out to him how beautiful you find a certain place the guy will remember it and start to miss you when he passes it.

4.  Leave a mark

Make a small change at the place of the man you like. When he notices it he will try to explain to himself when you have made the change and think about you. Make small adjustments that are easy to move back into the old condition. For example, leave the coffee cup you’ve used at his place on the kitchen table or change the position of the objects on his bedside table. Avoid making big changes. It is not the time to reorganize his bank documents or his medicine cabinet. Things like that he might interpret as a violation of his private sphere, instead of just thinking about you.

5. Look good

Shortly before you both won’t see each other for a longer period of time, dress up and make sure you look beautiful. That way you leave the impression that you are able to take care of yourself. That confident and attractive image of you will be the last picture he will have in his mind.
You can try a new haircut or outfit. However, if you do not want to spent money for something new, just dress up nicely, choose your most beautiful dress, put on charming make up and adorn yourself with advantageous accessories. Men are very visual. If you look great before the guy leaves he will think about you more often. This will make him miss you and want to see you again rather sooner than later.